Call for papers: International Forum on Migration Statistics (15-16 January 2018, Paris)

OECD-IOM-UNDESA International Forum on Migration Statistics 15-16 January 2018, Paris Call for papers & parallel sessions. Deadline for submission: 30 June 2017 Contact:

The International Forum on Migration Statistics (IFMS-2018) aims to mobilise expertise from a wide range of disciplines – such as statistics, economics, demography, sociology, geospatial science, and information technology – that can contribute to improve global understanding of the migration phenomenon. It will explore innovative ways to measure population mobility and generate timely statistics and aims to create synergies between different actors and perspectives, with representatives from ‘origin’, ‘transit’ and ‘host’ countries of migrants. The Forum will also provide a unique opportunity for policy-makers to get in direct contact with migration data experts and to use their expertise to feed policy evaluations and identify best policy options.

The Forum will be organized around the following five themes: (i) Migration measurement (concepts, definitions, disaggregation by migratory status, etc), (ii) Innovation and synthesis of data sources (new sources and approaches to migration data collection, the needs for real-time data, etc.), (iii) Understanding migration through data (gap in migration statistics, data to address policy concern, etc, (iv) Cooperation and data governance (e.g. stakeholder coordination, data sharing/exchange, etc), and (v) Capacity building (e.g. strategies to enhance institutional capacity, data literacy, use of statistics, etc).

Specific topics and applications could include inter alia (i) global, regional or national monitoring of migration flows and stocks, (ii) identification of migrants’ characteristics or behaviours, (iii) analysis of public opinion on migration, (iv) evaluation of the economic and social impact of migration and remittances in origin, transit or destination countries, (iv) the measurement of integration and well-being outcomes of immigrants and their children or (v) measurement of SDG indicators related to migration and migrants and contribution to the Global Compact on Migration.

The Forum will take place over two days, at the OECD Headquarters in Paris from 15 to 16 January 2018, with a mix of plenary and parallel sessions. It is expected that there will be around 400 participants. Depending on the interest expressed and the feedback received, the International Forum on Migration Statistics may become a regular event in the future.

How can I contribute or participate?

The IFMS-2018 will include between 15 and 20 parallel sessions, each lasting 90 minutes, in addition to plenary sessions with high-level experts. You can contribute in two ways:

  • Propose to organise a session as individual expert or institution. If selected by the programme committee, session organisers will take complete responsibility for selecting, inviting and briefing panellists/presenters in their session.
  • Submit a paper or a report that makes a contribution to improving the measurement of migration and its impacts. If selected by the programme committee, the paper will be incorporated in one of the parallel sessions built from individual contributions


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